Keeping Up With The ‘Journalist’

In this weeks web module we were asked to follow three journalist on Twitter. I followed the following three:

Margaret Sullivan – New York Times public editor. First Amendment true believer. Former exec editor, Buffalo News. Teaching (& learning) (

Bill Keller – Editor-in-chief, The Marshall Project, a non-profit newsroom covering crime and punishment in America  (

Dean Baquet – Executive Editor of The New York Times (

Initially i found that there was a clear distinction between 2 of the journalist, and the other one. Dean Baquet – editor of the NYT – you would expect him to be engaged in social media practices, trying to engage with his audience. Yet he did not post a single thing in the last few days, let alone the last few months. This was not the case for Bill Keller or Margaret Sullivan. Margaret uses her twitter religiously, linking in her own work, as well as stories by her own colleagues, and also other interesting articles she has found. Examples of this can be found here:

The same goes for Bill. He does not post as often as Margaret, although he does link to pieces by his colleagues (

Margret and Bill are both engaging with social practices, and spreading their articles to a broader audience in doing so. I hope to be further engaged by these editors, and be introduced to more trending articles this way.


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