You Have To Spend Money To Make Fake Money

Corporate paedophilia is not restricted to clothing lines and Toys, but also extends over to all new media devices. As technology grows and new products are developed, the demand for rapid sales and growth increases. The latest form of corporate paedophilia revolves around Apple and its App-Store.

Parents are buying tablets and other devices for their kids at very young ages. It is now not uncommon for an 8 year old to receive an IPad for his birthday, for the purpose of playing apps. Kids at this age do not understand the concept of money and because of this they are spending hundreds of dollars on in app purchases, without the consent of their parents.

This new form of media paedophilia has sparked a lot of public interest, creating a number of media stories regarding in-app purchases. In February 2014, a five year old child in England recently spent £1,700 (AU$3,100) in ten minutes when playing the free app ‘Zombies vs Ninjas’.

A recent British survey by Microsoft revealed many parents are struggling with the problems surrounding in app purchases. “Of the 2,000 adults surveyed, 28% said that their little ones have made in-app purchases without their knowledge.” The parents estimated the average monthly bill was £34.18 or AU$50.25. (For more information on this survey visit:

After receiving thousands of complaints, apple has recognized the problems that these families are faced with. Apple has therefore agreed to refund all the purchases made without parental consent, totalling to an estimated 32.5million. “Today’s agreement with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) extends our existing refund program for in-app purchases which may have been made without a parent’s permission,” the company said in a statement.

Corporate paedophilia is something all companies will attempt when selling their product. Children and Teenagers are an easy demographic to target, making it easy for companies to get quick sales and make an easy profit.





2 thoughts on “You Have To Spend Money To Make Fake Money

  1. Great job linking corporate paedophilia with a more complex company rather than the stereotypical stores such as toys & clothes. It was interesting to read about the five year old child purchasing $3 100 worth of apps in the span of 10 minutes. It’s also crazy how tech-savy the new generation is being able to unlock phones, play games and everything at a very young age! Your post was clear and was straight to the point and it was an easy read. Keep up the good work 🙂

    • Thanks for your feedback 🙂 I agree, it was certainly surprising to find out all these crazy facts about children when I was researching this question! I even had to go back and double check i was so shocked.

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