Remember When I Didn’t Have To Blog

I will admit I have learnt a lot more from this blogging task than I initially anticipated. Honestly, my original thoughts were of displeasure and boredom. How hard can it be to write a blog? What can I possibly learn form a task like this? These were the questions I asked myself before diving in and researching the topics we received each week. This research, coupled with the lectures has enhanced my opinions and knowledge of the media far more than I originally thought possible.

We explored many different aspects of the media, including; what it is blamed for, who owns it, semiotics and the study of images, corporate paedophilia and the mediated public sphere.

Personally I found semiotics and the public mediated sphere the most interesting. Through researching semiotics I got to learn a whole new range of skills to help me denote and read the connotations of an image. Nevertheless, the public mediated sphere was my favourite topic, as I got to research a YouTube channel I love to watch. After this activity I found the public sphere to be significant, mostly because it is an area of the media where anyone can give an opinion about their desired topic.

Through self-analysis, I noticed my early blogs had a lot of my own opinions, as I tried to engage the audience more with my language rather than my material. I acknowledge that as I progressed in later weeks, and I began to research more deeply within my topics. This allowed me to express opinions more through my sources and materials.

Throughout this task I have mostly enjoyed reading other peoples blogs and learning about the topics this way. As well as receiving comments on my own post. The feedback from my fellow classmates has helped me critically analyse my own work, whilst helping me critic others.

Thanks guys, for sticking with me and reading all my post.



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